Saskatoon Eastside, SK

Saskatoon East Side is the most popular area in Saskatchewan, CA. Neighborhoods here have the most exclusive and newest single family dwellings in the city. The city of Saskatoon itself is known for its small town hospitality along with big city amenities. It is considered to be a cosmopolitan city with multicultural heritage.

Population and Amenities

The city of Saskatoon as a whole is home to about 254,000 residents. Saskatoon East Side is comprised of several neighborhoods nestled in the Canadian Prairies. The Arbor Creek neighborhood has around 4,500 residents, Briarwood around 1,700, and Lakeview one of the largest and has a population of around 7,600 residents. Other neighborhoods in East Side Saskatoon include Forest Grove, Lakeridge, Lakeview, and Lakewood.

Amenities for these neighborhoods include the nearby Lakewood Civic Center, the Wildwood Golf Course, and the Lakewood Indoor Tennis Centre. Residents here have easy access to the University of Saskatchewan.


Saskatoon is served by 108 elementary schools and 106 high schools. According to Rate My, 9,541 ratings show 4 of 5 stars. Rate My Teachers ratings are based on students and parents rating the teachers of each school in the district. Schools include both traditional and Montessori instructional methods.

Nearby Attractions

The area has plenty of nearby attractions. The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo provides family fun with playgrounds and animals in a natural setting. Residents will find plenty of outdoor activities and water sports at Chief White Cap Waterway. The Tunnels of Moose Jaw offer exciting theatrical productions that reveal the history of the area such as Prohibition Era Canadian bootleggers and the struggles of Chinese immigrants.

Real Estate Options

The East Side in Saskatoon is continually adding new real estate options with optimal amenities. Home options are diverse and include single family homes, semi-detached homes, and low-rise condos. Homes in Lakeview Park encircle an attractive manmade lake. Housing options here are plentiful. A Lakeview condo costs less than $200,000. The average single family Lakeview home is less than $400,000.

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